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Seibu Lions News and Notes: December 8, 2010

by on Dec.08, 2010 @ 9:32 pm, under NPB

Kazuyuki Hoashi met with the Seibu Lions today and put their offer on hold.  While the offered amount isn't known, it is estimated to be around 110M yen (up from the 86M yen he made this past season).

Said Hoashi, "In terms of money, I'm more or less satisfied, although I'd like just a bit more.  As the chief player rep, a number of people/players have approached me with problems that I'd now like to bring up [with the front office."

Hoashi was hoping he'd have more time to speak to the front office today, but Hisashi Takayama's negotiations ran over 2 hours and apparently cut into his time.


Yoshihito Ishii met with the Seibu Lions on Tuesday and was offered the same salary he made this past season (55M yen).  Ishii was disappointed with the offer and put it on hold.  Ishii lost playing time after Jose Fernandez joined the team and was used primarily as a player off the bench in the second half.

The Lions are likely arguing that Ishii didn't do enough during the season to warrant a raise while Ishii probably feels he did enough (he still managed to put up respectable numbers despite playing in fewer games) to earn one.  At this point, it seems like there's a fairly wide divide between the two sides.