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Player signings: December 10, 2010

by on Dec.10, 2010 @ 9:37 pm, under NPB

Here is a partial list of players that signed today. For a more complete list, please check out the NPB Salaries section (updated once a day, usually late at night).

Player Team 2011 Change Source
Asao, Takuya CHU 135.0M yen +60.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Iwata, Shinji CHU 13.0M yen +2.5M yen Sanspo
Amaya, Soichiro HIR 28.0M yen 0 Nikkan Sports
Sato, Yoshinori YAK 52.0M yen +26.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Fujimoto, Atsushi YAK 31.0M yen -5.0M yen Daily Sports
Ishii, Hirotoshi YAK 10.0M yen -18.0M yen Sanspo
Ota, Atori YOK 7.2M yen +1.2M yen Nikkan Sports
Wang, I-Cheng YOK 6.0M yen 0 Nikkan Sports
Kubo, Yuya YOM 65.0M yen +38.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kaneko, Chihiro ORI 150.0M yen +72.0M yen Daily Sports
Suzuki, Fumihiro ORI 40.0M yen +14.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Tsuchiya, Teppei RAK 130.0M yen +10.0M yen Sanspo
Koyama, Shinichiro RAK 73.0M yen +18.0M yen Sanspo
Shima, Motohiro RAK 58.0M yen +29.0M yen Sanspo
Kusano, Daisuke RAK 53.0M yen -5.0M yen Sanspo