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Seibu Lions receive 28-man protected list from Softbank Hawks

by on Dec.10, 2010 @ 11:15 pm, under NPB

The Seibu Lions received the Softbank Hawks' list of 28 protected players today.  The Lions will now look through the list to see which players are available and decide on whether or not they'll go for 100% money compensation or player plus money compensation for losing Toru Hosokawa.

In other team news related news:

Yoshihito Ishii met with the Seibu Lions again today (2nd round of meetings) and was offered 55M yen, the same amount as he was offered the first time around.  And just as the first time, he put the offer on hold again.

During his press conference after his meeting with the team, Ishii said that he was told the club wouldn't budge from the 55M yen offer regardless of how many times he might put their offer on hold.  Ishii apparently wasn't satisfied with that response and questioned why players even bothered with negotiations if that were really the case.