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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: December 10, 2010

by on Dec.10, 2010 @ 6:28 pm, under NPB

Hitoshi Tamura plans on working out in Hawaii in January (for about 10 days beginning on 1/13).  Until then, he'll return to his home in Yokohama and workout at a nearby gym.

FYI: the Hawks and Tamura are still in the process of finalizing a deal.


Seiichi Uchikawa plans on approaching the 2011 season with a goal of batting 1.000.

It seems Uchikawa is also thinking about training on his own this year and added that he'd be more than happy to help Kenta Imamiya out.


Toru Hosokawa visited Seibu Dome on Thursday to clean out his locker.  Hosokawa noticed how the Lions were treating their 2010 draft picks and reflected on how he doesn't remember things being quite as extravagant when he was drafted.  He then switched gears and said he was really looking forward to the events he'll be attending as a member of the Hawks.


Koji Akiyama told reporters on Wednesday that he plans on using Tadashi Settsu as a set-up man and not as a starter.

"I've never said one thing about converting him to a starter," said Akiyama.  "I'll continue to use him [as we've been using him].  It's possible things could change based on changes to the roster though."

Settsu appeared reserved to the decision and said, "I do like being a set-up man, and I find pride in doing it.  I was told [I would be used in relief] and there is the team situation [to think about].  They can't just listen to what I want."