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Softbank Hawks: Hiroshi Shibahara upset about negotiations

by on Dec.11, 2010 @ 9:35 pm, under NPB

Toshiya Sugiuchi was apparently very upset that the Softbank Hawks brought out an audio recorder during his negotiations yesterday.

Said Sugiuchi, "It felt like I was being interrogated.  There was a difference in opinion.  More than the gap running deep, it's running pretty wide."

He also added, "How to explain my reasons for putting their offer on hold...  It's everything.  I wasn't even sure if I want to do this press conference.  I'm not satisfied with the offer and I don't feel any sincerity.  What should I do.  I might just go ahead and saying everything I'm thinking."

And it seems Sugiuchi isn't the only one dissatisfied with how negotiations have been going.  And similar to Sugiuchi, it has more to do than just the money.

Hiroshi Shibahara met with the Hawks today and placed a 42M yen (down 78M yen) offer on hold.  It seems Shibahara wasn't quite as upset about the amount as he was with the manner in which the negotiations took place (although he obviously wasn't happy about a 65% reduction in salary).

"He was leafing through a player directory during our negotiations.  I even asked what he was doing and whether or not he had to do that now.  This isn't the type of environment negotiations should take place in," said Shibahara.

The common denominator in both negotiations is chief of player development Itaru Kobayashi -- it was Kobayashi that brought out the audio recorder during Sugiuchi's negotiations and it was Kobayashi that was leafing through a player directory during Shibahara's negotiations.

Tsuyoshi Wada and Hiroki Kokubo also met with the Hawks today and both agreed to salaries for the 2011 season -- Wada for 330M yen (up 120M yen) and Kokubo for 300M yen (no change).

Wada returned to Japan on the Friday (12/10) after he flew out to the Arizona on 11/29 to learn some new training exercises (he also managed to gain 3kg and now weighs 80kg).

In other team news:

Nobuhiko Matsunaka left for Guam via Fukuoka airport on Friday for his first round of winter training.  Matsunaka is planning on adding more that 20 different kinds of running exercises as he works out in Guam through to the 17th.