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Koshien Stadium mound to be flattened for Koshien Bowl

by on Dec.12, 2010 @ 1:57 pm, under NPB

The mound at Koshien Stadium is going to be rebuilt for the first time in 21 years.

The Koshien Bowl begins on the 19th at Koshien Stadium.  The football field is usually limited to the outfield area, but this year the area between home and center will be used.  And because of that, the mound will have to be flattened.

Said stadium official Yasuhiro Suzuki, "The American Football Association asked and we'll just remake [the mound] from scratch.  I hear we flattened the mound once during the 80's."

The last time the mound was actually flattened was back in 11/1989 and for the same exact reason (for football).

Koshien Stadium has been careful about maintaining the mound over the year and even made a point to save it during renovations last year.  For now, the stadium plans on rebuilding the mound two days after the end of the Koshien Bowl.  Since Koshien Stadium hasn't received any requests for changes to the mound from the Hanshin Tigers, they will likely rebuild it in the same way it was built before.