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Lotte could be closing in on a deal for a training facility near Chiba Marine Stadium

by on Dec.14, 2010 @ 4:00 am, under NPB

It appears the Chiba Lotte Marines may be closing in on a deal with Chiba city and Chiba prefecture that will allow the team to begin constructing an indoor training facility next to Chiba Marine Stadium some time in July, 2011.

Up to now, the team has been using a place located away from the stadium.  And over the last few years, the players have requested that the team build something closer.  Lotte has discussed the issue with Chiba city and Chiba prefecture officials and seem to be closing in on an agreement that may also require that the facilities be open to Chiba citizens.

In other team related news:

Takeshi Kanazawa (working his way back from a shoulder ligament injury) is hoping to secure a spot on the Ichi-gun roster next season.  On Monday he worked out at Chiba Marin Stadium and later told reporters that he felt everything would fall into place once his shoulder got better.