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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: December 16, 2010

by on Dec.16, 2010 @ 6:13 pm, under NPB

Yuichi Honda recently told reporters that he wants to try and steal 70 bases next season (he stole a career high 59 bases this year and was also caught a career high 21 times).  But that could change depending on how his conversation with Seiichi Uchikawa goes.

Said Honda, "My stolen base rate improved partway through the season.  If I was able to do a better job earlier on, I may have ended the season with more stolen bases.  I think 70 is possible. ... But I also want to talk to Uchikawa.  Hitting is the priority after all.  Being on the same page as him is important. ... Stealing is just about yourself.  You need to consider the circumstances.  And forget 70, or ever 59, if the circumstances aren't right.  Regardless, I do want to increase my success rate to at least 90%."


Sadaharu Oh plans on spending more than 10 days (perhaps 2 weeks) watching the team during spring camp next year.  In addition to taking a good look at a Uchikawa (and figuring out where he really fits), Oh will also check on the progress of the Ikusei players.