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Chunichi Dragons: Masahiko Morino – 30 homers or bust

by on Dec.17, 2010 @ 4:04 pm, under NPB

Masahiko Morino has his sights set on his first 30-homer season (his career high of 23 was set last year).  And according to Morino, he's been taking things too easy with regards to hitting and needs to work harder on strengthening his lower body and turning some of his doubles into home runs.

"If I keep going like this, I'll never get better," said Morino.  "In a word, I've been taking the easy approach to hitting.  The reason I hit a lot of doubles [over the last two seasons] is because I was letting pitches that should have gone for homers turn in doubles.  I think I need to hit 30 homers."

He continued, "I've lost my biggest strength.  Since I was in elementary school I could hit it far if told to do so.  But I've lost that feeling from my left hand.  And like, opposing pitchers won't fear me.  And if they don't fear me, they won't make mistakes.  I need to make them think, I can't throw it there, instead of, I need to throw it there.

"I couldn't hit 30 homers because of my lower body.  But I'm doing what I need to.  Left leg, left hip...  The problem all lies in my left side."


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