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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: December 18, 2010

by on Dec.18, 2010 @ 7:38 pm, under NPB

Tsuyoshi Wada is trying to push his weight up to 82kg during the winter.  He has managed to raise it up to 80kg so far (his initial goal was 77 and his career high up to now was 79; he apparently gained 3kg in about 2 weeks during the current off-season).  Wada told reporters that he wanted to go after the Sawamura Award again next season, but with more power.


Jose Ortiz doesn't seem to concerned about where he'll be playing next season, so long as he gets a chance to play on a regular basis.


Tadashi Settsu is apparently starting to ramp up his workouts -- he spent over 4 hours practicing at Yahoo Dome on Friday.


Nobuhiro Matsuda will be working out at his Alma mater, Asia University, in January.  Asia University is known for it's fairly tough practices and it seems Matsuda will take advantage of that as he hopes to return to square by doing some of the same things he did back when he was a student there (practices from hell).  Matsuda's theme for the winter is to create a body that's more resistant to injury.


Nobuhiko Matsunaka apparently suffered a bout of heat sickness while he was training in Guam (he left on the 12th and returned today).  Seems like he's also happy with the progress he's making with his running program.

"I was planning on running 50 100m dashes, but I started feeling sick after the 38th time," said Matsunaka.  "In any case, things are different compared to last year at this time when I couldn't do much of any running.  The tightness I feel in my legs is completely different."

He added, "I'd also like to do some running during my training in January.  I can't say it's the same as before my injury.  And it isn't like things are back to the way they were before, but just that it's different than last year.  I'm really enjoying it.  I'd like to keep pushing myself while everyone else is still resting."

Now that he's back in Japan, Matsunaka will continue with his training; he plans to start taking BP on the 22nd; and will return to Guam in January.


The Meikyukai met for a general meeting in Honolulu on the 15th (Japan time 16th).  30 members of the club attended the meeting.

Sadaharu Oh (chairman of the club) told reporters that he hoped the younger members of the Meikyukai, like Hideo Nomo and Kazuhiro Kiyohara, would step up and start pulling the club forward.

Oh is also hoping that current Hawks' Matsunaka and Hiroki Kokubo reach the 2,000-hit mark before they step away from the game.

Said Oh, "Kokubo needs 130 hits?  That an attainable figure in one season.  And if Matsunaka can stay healthy, he should be able [to pick up the 351 hits he needs] in two years.  When you get this close, it's like you have to reach [the milestone].  The Meikyukai blazer?  I'd like to help them put it.  I'll be there for that."