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Yokohama Bay Stars News and Notes: December 18, 2010

by on Dec.18, 2010 @ 8:07 pm, under NPB

As new chief player rep for the team, Shinji Niinuma listed three things he wanted to push through during his term:

  1. Set one specific color for the team to create a more consistent feel in the stands.
  2. Get rid of Ni-gun night games so that Ichi-gun coaches and players can have a chance to watch.
  3. Increase the number of support personnel, like bullpen catchers and batting practice pitchers.


A while back I briefly mentioned Tasuku Hashimoto's complaint about team chemistry.  Seems he's not the only one that's speaking upTomokazu Oka said that he felt the team lacked unity.  Hayato Terahara (recently traded away to Orix) felt that not enough players were individually motivated.  And while perhaps not entirely related, Shuichi Murata is trying to step up (while changing his image a bit at the same time) and pull the team together by saying he'll consider cosplaying with Hichori Morimoto, if asked.  And Naoyuki Shimizu appears to be convinced that Murata can help the team improve, if only he can become more vocal.

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