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Chunichi Dragons News and Notes: December 22, 2010

by on Dec.22, 2010 @ 7:25 pm, under NPB

Kazuki Yoshimi will be working out at the Toyota facilties beginning on 1/6/2011..

"I feel like I can get back to the basics where I go back to Toyota," said Yoshimi.  "It's easy to give-up if you're alone, but at Toyota I can really push myself.  Players from other clubs also spend some time there, so it's good for seeing what other are up to."

Players like Chihiro Kaneko (ORI), Takashi Ogino (LOT), and Tsuyoshi Kawagishi (RAK) will also be spending time at the Toyota facilities in January.


Yohei Oshima told reporters on Tuesday that he plans to approach the 2011 season with a new pair of cleats.

"They showed me a number of models and one of them just clicked," said Oshima.  "I'm looking for [cleats] that will help provide me with stability when I'm batting.  Kind of similar to the ones Saburo (LOT) and [Kenta] Kurihara (HIR) wear.  I'll get the new pairs in January and give them a test run."

In addition to the method in which the spikes are attached to the bottom of the cleats, the new model also has more spikes (over 10 compared to the 9 that were on Oshima's old pair).

"[The clears] are geared more towards hitting, rather then fielding and base-running," said a rep from manufacturer.  "The spikes run along the edges so they provide a lot of support."


Hirokazu Ibata, Masahiro Araki, Hidenori, Kenta Asakura, and Junki Ito appeared at a fan event held at the Nagoya Red Cross Hospital on Tuesday.