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Rakuten Eagles News and Notes: December 24, 2010

by on Dec.24, 2010 @ 2:54 pm, under NPB

Senichi Hoshino is apparently going to give every starting pitcher a chance to compete for next season's opening day start.  It will all come down to how well pitchers perform during spring camp.

Said Hoshino, "I still have no idea [on who will be the opening day starter].  It isn't just about [Hisashi] Iwakuma and [Masahiro] Tanaka, everyone should be shooting for it."

Sanspo has a slightly different spin on things and thinks it'll be a toss-up between Tanaka and Iwakuma.

On Thursday, Hoshino took off with his family for a trip to the Gold Coast (Australia).


Akinori Iwamura plans on using Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's Kizuna for his batter walk-up music next season.  Iwamura sat down with Nagabuchi for suggestions and it apparently came down to either Tombo and Kizuna.  Iwamura ultimately decided on Kizuna because he could relate to the lyrics and because it would also be symbolic of the new friends/teammates/connections he'll be making while playing for the Eagles.  Nagabuchi will be making a special "batter walk-up" version of the song for Iwamura to use next season.

Iwamura's batter walk-up music over the years: between 2001 - 2003, Aa-ha's Take On Me and the Top Gun theme music during run-scoring situations; between 2004 - 2006, Eikichi Yazawa's Tomaranai Ha-Ha; and Eikichi Yazawa's Hurricane (which is the English version of Tomaranai Ha-Ha) when he went to the Majors.