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Softbank Hawks: Kokubo’s advice to Cabrera – Get ready to run

by on Dec.24, 2010 @ 2:27 pm, under NPB

Hiroki Kokubo was asked by a fan during a recent talk event about how he planned on handling Alex Cabrera.  Kokubo's response:

If it came down to a fight, I'd lose.  We're both the same age so we should be frank with each other.  We're a team that runs a lot.  I'll tell him he needs to work on his running.  I think he was running a little more with Orix than when he was with Seibu. ... But in order to win the job, I need to get out there and play. ... I've spoken a lot to Cabrera at first base.  He also calls over to me a lot.  A little bit in Japanese, and the rest in English.  But to run after hitting the ball, that's a given [here].  I'm not worried though.

2 comments on “Softbank Hawks: Kokubo’s advice to Cabrera – Get ready to run

  1. bbdad

    I thought Japanese baseball was about the team and the chemistry? Sounds like Kokubo wants to trash talk about Cabrera. It is Cabrera job to be ready, not Kokubo’s to decide. If I were him (Kokubo) I would worry about his own issues. .275 avg vs career .300, fewer HR’s, fewer BB…He needs to practice his own “wa”.

    1. Gen Post author

      Well, Kokubo’s probably not very happy about the possibility that he (or fellow teammate Nobuhiko Matsunaka) might lose his first base job. Which is probably confusing to him because he was recently told he was an important part of the team. Plus, he decided to stay with the team even though he had a chance to leave via FA this off-season.

      Incidentally, I don’t think any of what he said was meant in a negative way. And I think the part about running was just honest advice.

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