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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 26, 2010

by on Dec.26, 2010 @ 2:26 pm, under NPB

Tomoyuki Kubota doesn't plan on throwing any change-ups during the first half of the season so that he can work his fastball.

"I'll rely on my fastball, slider and fork [next year]," said Kubota.  "The key will be my fastball."

He then added, "I lost my feel for the ball after I started throwing a change-up.  When things weren't going well for me, I had a hard time making adjustments [because of the change-up].  If I do use the change-up, it'll be when things are going well for me."

Kubota will be working out with Naoto Tsuru again in Okinawa in January (8 hour practice days focused on strengthening the lower body).


Wei-Chu Lin will be returning to Taiwan on the 27th.  Lin has secured a place to practice in Taiwan and plans on practicing non-stop during the winter (hitting / swinging the bat and playing catch).

With regards to the new regulation NPB baseball, Lin told reporters that he felt bat control and lower body strength would become important for players looking to his home runs next year.


Minoru Iwata worked out at Naruohama on Saturday.  He also told reporters that he changed his mind about working out alone in January.

Said Iwata, "Sugiuchi throws a lot and doesn't get injured.  I want to learn more about that and about the mental side of things from him."

Until then, he'll be working out at a training facility in Osaka that he's been going to since his Kansai University days.  He'll then begin a 1-week workout with Sugiuchi in Kagoshima beginning on 1/13.