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Yomiuri Giants News And Notes: December 26, 2010

by on Dec.26, 2010 @ 9:53 pm, under NPB

Tatsunori Hara plans on using Yoshinobu Takahashi next season in much the same way as he used him this past season: at first and in right.  He's also thinking about moving Michihiro Ogasawara from third to first, full-time, next season (less strain on the body) and giving players like Rusty Ryal and Yoshiyuki Kamei a shot at third.  And if no one happens to stick at third, Ogawasara could be moved back.


Hideki Sunaga worked out at Giants Stadium on Sunday for the first time since being traded to the team.  Sunaga is currently spending a lot of time on calisthenics and stretches in order to improve his flexibility.  On Sunday, he did some running and weight training.


Tomoya Inzen also worked out at Giants Stadium on Sunday.  He took about 120 swings in the cages and later told reporters that he was working on making good contact after spending most of the current season trying to hit home runs.  Inzen has plans of working out with Takahashi in Okinawa in January.


Yuya Kubo apparently feels that training in warmer weather isn't quite as helpful as some players think because spring camp will always end up being in a slightly cooler area.  As such, it seems Kubo will be spending most of his time this winter working out at the Ni-gun facilities in Kawasaki.  On Saturday, he spent about 2 hours running and playing catch.