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6 comments on “Rakuten Eagles News and Notes: December 27, 2010

  1. Alex

    I hate bland statements like “going all out” and “is focused on doing what he can to help the team win a championship”. Isn’t he supposed to doing that every year?

    Man, I must sound like big Iwakuma hater, lol. I’m not, really!

  2. bbdad

    Alex…I’m in agreement. Bland and unfocused. If you have no personal goals as a professional then you are not going to have motivation. Everyone must set goals in all walks of life…maybe he is trying to say I don’t want my goals to outway the team goals.

  3. Gen Post author

    At this time of year, almost every player is saying the same exact thing in Japan. I think in some ways, this has become the de facto statement every player turns to when they have nothing better to say. And when you get approached by the media everyday, you’re definitely going to run out of things to say fairly quickly.

    I wouldn’t place too much importance on what the players say during the winter. I tend to translate some of them because there really isn’t much else going on in late December and early January.

  4. Alex

    Gen you’re dead on as usual. It’s just unfortunate that Iwakuma said, he’s had a bad enough off-season as it is.

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m sure most fans are happy that he ended up returning to the Eagles for another season, but I’m guessing there are fans that aren’t happy he wanted to drop the team for the Majors (I know plenty of people in Japan that have stopped following the NPB because of all the players that leave). I have no idea how much statements like that help, but maybe he’s trying to persuade those fans that his mind really will be in Japan next season and not in 2012 when he earns his international FA option.

      And you’ve got to feel for Iwakuma a little. From what I’ve read and heard, he was really looking forward to playing in the US and was pretty much set to go. How do you go from that to playing one more year in Japan?

      There is the obvious motivator: doing well in 2011 so that you have more options in 2012. But when you’re in the middle of things, sometimes it’s hard to see that bigger picture and you need something to snap you back into that reality. Maybe this is one way for him to do that. Maybe this has nothing to do with the fans, but more about convincing himself that he really wants to play well next year.

  5. Isaac

    I’m in agreement Gen’s last comment.
    My initial take was that Iwakuma wanted to state that he will be focused on this season and hoping to leave Rakuten on a positive note, rather than being dissapointed and unfocused because of what’s happened.
    That may be easier said than done.

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