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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 29, 2010

by on Dec.30, 2010 @ 1:40 am, under NPB

The Tigers closed out their business operations for the year on Tuesday.


Depending on how well Ryota Arai plays, the Tigers may come out with merchandise involving the Arai brothers.

And speaking of the Arai brothers, the two worked out together (at the gym called Athlete) as teammates for the first time on Tuesday.

Takahiro also had this to say about his brother joining the team:

I don't know if Ryota will make Ichi-gun camp...  I just feel like he needs to do [what he needs to do].  If he asks [for help], I'll give it to him, but unless something happens, I won't say a thing.  He needs to do everything on his own.  I just don't want him interfering. ... When you become popular, the media will pay more attention to you.  I want him to find his current limits and train based on those limits.  He isn't that popular yet so I don't think things will be too difficult for my younger brother.  He just needs to focus.  And he doesn't need to feel any unnecessary pressure.

And Ryota's thoughts:

I don't know anyone on the staff.  I'm a little worried / anxious, but it isn't like I can follow my brother around all the time and ask him for everything.  I am planning on trying to do as much as I can on my own. ... It makes me happy to see the amount of coverage [in the press].  But I don't want this excitement only during the off-season or spring camp.  I want to make sure this lasts into the regular season.


The Tigers are making a number of changes to their staff next season.  Up to now, the player development department included the following three main branches: research and development, scouting, and an international.  Those three sections were re-divided into: pro scouting, amateur scouting, and international scouting.

The following updates in personnel were also announced:

Noriyoshi Sano - from player development section chief scout, western Japan to player development assistant chief amateur scout / joint scout

Satoshi Shimamura - from player development assistant chief scout to player development assistant chief amateur scout / director (he'll be support Sano)

Toru Ikenoue - from player development section chief scout to player development section chief amateur scout / western Japan

The team also promoted Takenori Izawa to assistant chief advance scout in the hopes of improving the level of their scouting information on opposing teams.