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Seibu Lions News and Notes: December 30, 2010

by on Dec.31, 2010 @ 1:57 am, under NPB

Takeya Nakamura will be using a new bat next season that will weigh the same (920 grams) but will be slightly longer (from 33.5 inches to 34 inches).  Nakamura had been using the same bat for the last three seasons and decided a change might be in order, especially with the new NPB regulation baseball.

Said Nakamura, "I placed an order with my bat maker.  I figure if I can take advantage of centrifugal forces, I'll be able to hit more homers."


Hironori Matsunaga worked out at Seibu 2 Stadium on Sunday and told reporters that he'll be returning to Nagasaki on Monday.  Matsunaga apparently hurt his flank after dropping his arm angle (he's throwing more from the side now) in the fall but has since recovered and is throwing again.