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Rakuten Eagles News and Notes: January 1, 2011

by on Jan.01, 2011 @ 11:13 pm, under NPB

Senichi Hoshino apparently wants to win around 80 games this season.

"If you aim for an A Class finish, you'll end up a B Class team," said Hoshino.  "If you aim for a championship, you'll also learn to be introspective.  It makes me happy to hear the players talking about a championship."

He continued, "I used to use the number 77 for all my goals -- my golf score, my weight.  I even made it my goal to win 77 games during the season. ... But there are more games now, so 80 is now my goal."

If the Eagles manage to win 81 games this season, that'll give Hoshino an even 1,000 career victories as a manager.  Hoshino also turns 64 on 1/22.


Akinori Iwamura is planning on changing the color of his equipment (things like his glove and training wear) to match the Rakuten Eagles' crimson red team color.


Masahiro Tanaka made an appearance on NHK's Kohaku Utagassen last night.


Hisashi Iwakuma apparently wants to ultimately become a pitcher like Roy Halladay.