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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: January 3, 2011

by on Jan.03, 2011 @ 11:09 am, under NPB

Both Tomoaki Kanemoto, and the Arai brothers started up their training (at Athlete in Hiroshima) on New Year's Day.


In addition to making the Ichi-gun roster and racking double-digit wins, Takumi Akiyama also wants to continue polishing his fastball this year.

Said Akiyama, "I could get a lot of swinging strikes [last year].  I don't think I need to hit 150, but I'd like to average about 145.  I want to aim for a fastball that makes the batter swing and miss."


Akinobu Mayumi has been criticized as not have a personality / styles (with regards to managing his team).  His response:

Do you need personality / style in order to win?  Isn't not having personality / style a kind of personality / style?  In the end, it's all about winning though.  They talk about my personality / style because we aren't winning.  If we win, they'll start talking about personality / style and they'll say I'm a great manager.


A Hanshin Department store in Kita Ward, Osaka prepared 500 Hanshin Tigers Shop Fukubukuros (5,000 yen) and sold out in 30 minutes.  The bags went on sale around 6:40am and were gone by 7:10am (10 minutes faster than last year).