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Seibu Lions: Hideaki Wakui is not happy, puts the team on hold again

by on Jan.05, 2011 @ 9:06 pm, under NPB

Via Sanspo, Hideaki Wakui met with the Seibu Lions for the third time this off-season and turned them down for the third consecutive time.

"We haven't reached my asking price," said Wakui.  "Waiting to get this done now isn't bad.  I just want them to admit I had a good season.  I don't feel weird about this."

When asked if it might be possible that he could end up going to spring camp unsigned (and therefore required to pay his own way) Wakui replied, "That's a possibility.  But I won't sign unless they give me a raise."

Nikkan Sports includes the following quote:

The offer and the club's approach hasn't changed at all.  Regardless of what I say, they always talk about things didn't go well in the second half.  I will not agree (sign) to this offer.  Finalizing this in January would be the best, but the worst (paying his own way during spring camp and salary arbitration) is possible."

Since Wakui will spend most of his timing in training now, Wakui's agent will take over negotiations.

UPDATE 1/6 @ 12:20pm - contract talks apparently lasted about 1.5 hours and it appears Wakui stated his demands for the first time since they began talking.  As of now, it also seems as though the Lions won't be budging from their offer.  (via Nikkan Sports)

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    1. Gen Post author

      From what I know, the commissioner sets up a committee that presides over the arbitration. And in the close to 40 years that arbitration has been an option, only 6 players have actually gone that route. The reason for that is because the teams usually end up winning. In 4 of the 6 cases that went to arbitration, the team ended up winning. The other two cases (Yutaka Takagi in 1992 and Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi in 2000) sort of ruled in favor of the players, if you consider a partial raise a victory (neither player got what they were asking for).

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