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Hanshin Tigers: Sanspo interviews Tomoaki Kanemoto

by on Jan.06, 2011 @ 5:06 pm, under NPB

Sanspo posted an interview with Tomoaki Kanemoto.  Here's my translation:

How are you feeling in the New Year?

This is my 20th year, my 20th New Year.  Nothing really significant about it.  I just need to focus on getting my [right] shoulder better.  I've been doing training for that, so I don't really feel satisfied / fulfilled with my training right now.

How is your right shoulder feeling?

It's kind of trial by error right now.  So I'm trying a number of different things to see how it reacts.  The truth is that it really isn't improving that much.  There were times when things were going well, and there were also times where things were bad.

Are you worried?

When I got surgery on my left knee before the 2008 season, I had the benefit of 10 years worth of training, so I didn't really feel my lower body getting weaker over the course of the year.  But after the second surgery in 2009, my [lower] body was definitely weaker.  My upper body is in it's first year of not being able to train as much and I'd like to think that I can get past this [based on how things went with my lower body].

What are your plans until 2/1?

I'll [split my time] working in Hiroshima and in Naruohama with the rest of the rehab group.

Will you be joining the Ichi-gun group for spring camp?

Not yet.  I have no idea what the trainers and the coaches are thinking.  I haven't heard anything yet.

What are your training plans until spring camp?

There are things I'd like to do, but I don't know how my shoulder will be feeling.  I would like to be ready to start throwing into a net by February 1st.

You've been working out with Sho Nakata.

He's been getting a lot of attention since high school.  Last year, I worked out with [Yu] Darvish and he asked if I could workout with Nakata at some point in the future, so I worked out with him [this year].  At first he seemed uneasy and asked things like, 'what will this kind of training do for me?'  He now seems a lot more driven.  I'd like to see him keep that up.

What do you think of Sho Nakata?

We're both from Hiroshima and I thought he was good when he was still playing in high school.  He talked about hitting a few bumps in the road since turning pro, but I'm looking forward to his growth.  He's young and I'd like him to aim for big things.

What about the addition of Ryota Arai?

I didn't know.  Is he Arai's younger brother?  Who is he?  Are you talking about Shintaro Tanaka?

Another player that respects you was added to the team.

Those brothers respect a lot of people so I no longer no whom they really respect the most.  They pretend to respect me, but then they'll probably do the same with someone else.  I need to be careful.  (in jest)  *note: I used the word respect in translating the Japanese word shitau, but that's not entirely the right translation.  I'm not sure if there's really a good one word translation for the term.

Your thoughts on last season?

It's a new year and for a baseball player, it's all about results.  I'd like to clear away the gloom from my season last year and start fresh.  Honestly, I do feel down about things.  But if I let that out, then that's how things will be.  So even if it's a lie, I need to stay positive.

What do you mean by feeling down?

I couldn't play last season.  I lost my spot in the starting line-up and I couldn't make the Climax Series.  It was a battle with pain and I let the team down.

Do you have any statistical goals?

I don't usually have much interest in those kinds of things before the season starts.  And right now, I just want my shoulder to get better.  I want to be able to throw good pitches.  [My shoulder] bothered me when I swung the bat last year, so I'd like to try and get rid of that this year.  That's my goal right now.