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2010 Draft News and Notes: January 8, 2011

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 1:27 pm, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

Daiki Enokida (1st round) hopes to have his arm / shoulder at about 70-80% by the time spring camp begins. ... The Tigers may start Enokida at Ichi-gun spring camp, assuming he's physically fine.

The Tigers may keep a close eye on Shinta Hifumi (2nd round) when he's healthy enough to rejoin the team.  The last thing they want is for him to feel rushed because of the time he missed and injure himself by pushing too hard.

Yakult Swallows

Tetsuto Yamada (1st round) moved into the player's dorm today.  He moved in with a stuffed tiger and tiger slippers.

Yuki Shichijo (2nd round) wants his intro music to be the theme song for Tensai Bakabon (there's an English version as well).  His wife is also expecting the couple's first child in February.

24-year-old Nariaki Kawasaki (6th round) filed marriage papers with a 24-year-old woman named Yuka Murakami (村上由佳 ?) on 12/24.

Takanori Sato (Ikusei 3rd round) also moved into the player's dorm today.  He, of course, got Yoshinori's old room.

The Swallows' 2010 draft prospects' training camp begins on the 10th.

Yomiuri Giants

On Friday, Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) worked out for about 3 hours (running, fielding, weight lifting). ... Sawamura's first day of training camp lasted about 5 hours and consisted of running, playing catch, fielding practice, and various body exercises.  Training coach Hiroshi Ito was apparently impressed with the strength of Sawamura's hip / thigh muscles.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Six of the nine Marines' 2010 draft prospects moved into the player dorms on Friday.

Shota Ishimine (1st round) was assigned Takashi Ogino's old room.  He also moved in with Ikuhiro Kiyota's autograph.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Yuki Saito (1st round) doesn't plan on moving into his dorm room with an alarm clock because he normally doesn't need one (he apparently wakes up around 6am).  Incidentally, the Fighters' 2010 draft prospects' training camp that begins on the 12th has a morning start of 10am. ... The Fighters started accepting pre-orders for their 2011 replica uniforms, including Saito's home and road uni (you can't see the design yet).

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles 2010 class moved in the player's dorm today.  The 2010 draft prospects' training camp begins on the 12th.

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) met Hideaki Wakui during his practice session at Seibu 2 Stadium yesterday.