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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: January 8, 2011

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 5:30 pm, under NPB

Tomoaki Kanemoto worked on his upper for about 2 hours on Friday morning.  After a break, he spent some more time in the training room in the afternoon, before doing some shadow pitching (he was able to raise his right arm).  Kanemoto also took some BP (about 30 swings).


Keisuke Kano worked out at Naruohama on Friday.  Kano has surgery on his back in November last year and is still in the process of rehabbing it.  On Friday, he played catch outdoors for the first time since the surgery.  Kano also did some light running.

"May back is fine," said Kano.  "I started throwing a little around New Year's and I have also started swinging the bat."


Atsushi Nomi will be taking Kentaro Sekimoto and Shinji Koymiyama to Okinawa with him so that he can begin pitching to live batters.  Nomi started pitching to live batters during his workouts in January 2 years ago (before the 2009 season) and hasn't stopped since.

Said Nomi, "I'll air out the arm first, then mix in my off-speed pitches.  After that, I'll pitch in a simulated game from the 1 inning.  I'll probably be throwing at about 80%."


Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi's training has been moving along at a fairly quick pace this winter.  So much so that he told reporters he planned on holding a bullpen session next week.

On Friday, he worked on his lower body for about 2 hours and then spent parts of the afternoon throwing the ball around (about 50 pitches at around 25 meters).

Shimoyanagi usually spends his early winter working on his lower, but this winter, he started throwing the ball around in late November.  The reason isn't clear, but it seems it has something to do with both the new regulation ball and the fact that he wants to help the team win the CL.


Shinobu Fukuhara worked out at the Koshien clubhouse on Friday.  Fukuhara will be continue his workouts at Koshien until the start of spring camp.


Akinobu Mayumi was a guest on Mainchi Broadcasting's Seyanen and came up with this line-up for 2011: Matt Murton, Keiichi Hirano, Takashi Toritani, Takahiro Arai, Tomoaki Kanemot, Craig Brazell, Kenji Jojima, Shunsuke Fujikawa, pitcher.


The Hanshin Tigers are thinking about holding both the Ichi-gun and Ni-gun camps in Okinawa next year.  One possible location for their Ni-gun spring camp appears to be a town called Kin.  The town is also in the process of building a new stadium that should be complete in the fall (the dirt and grass are similar to Koshien, but slightly larger at 100m to left and right and 122m to center).  Team president Nobuo Minami told reporters that if an NPB team was going to use the new facilities, it may as well be the Tigers.