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Nippon Ham Fighters: Sho Nakata taking baseball more seriously

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 3:00 pm, under NPB

A number of media outlets have been picking up on the Sho Nakata is maturing angle this winter.  The latest report from Nikkan Sports includes the following quote from the 21-year-old:

I don't know if I've matured, but my awareness of baseball has changed.  During my first and second years, I just felt like I was was going through the motions with practice.  This year, I have to practice, I have to put up results.

Nakata also spoke of how his legs felt week at the end of last season and how he's been working hard to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again this season.  He's also trying to pick-up as much as he can from his workouts with Tsuyoshi Nishioka.

Bottom line: it appears Nakata is trying to be more proactive (less a passive participant) in his training this off-season.