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Orix Buffaloes: Takahiro Okada starts up his training

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 2:12 pm, under NPB

Takahiro Okada started up his training in Kobe on Friday and told reporters that he had three goals for the upcoming season: 144 games, 34 or more homers, and at least 100 RBIs.

Said Okada, "Depending on the situation, I will go for the sac fly.  Hitting home runs wouldn't be a bad thing, but pitch patterns also change depending on the situation and it's a lot more difficult to get a good pitch to hit.  I want to come through in those areas and rack up at least 100 RBIs."

Okada hasn't been eating out a lot (he's taking advantage of the dorm cafeteria) and has managed to keep his weight at 105kg so far during the off-season.