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Seibu Lions: Hideaki Wakui just wants a little love

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 2:05 pm, under NPB

Seems Hideaki Wakui is a little envious of how much Yu Darvish managed to sign for.

"I was amazed by Nippon Ham.  If only the [Lions] would just listen [to what I have to say and try to understand my position], I have no intention of making this hard on them," said Wakui.  "But when they told me they had no intention of giving me a raise, I just couldn't go along with that."

He continued, "My stats aren't so bad that I need to give up [on a raise].  Other people are supporting me on this.  I feel like, come on, even a 30M yen raise is fine."

2 comments on “Seibu Lions: Hideaki Wakui just wants a little love

  1. Jim

    I really don’t think that Wakui is deserving of a raise judging by his numbers. He alternates between being phenomenal and being…just good. Take a look at his stat lines the last four years:

    2007: 17-10, 2.79ERA, 213IP, 11CG, 141K
    2008: 10-11, 3.90ERA, 173IP, 5CG, 122K
    2009: 16-6, 2.30ERA, 211.2IP, 11CG, 199K (Won Sawamura)
    2010: 14-8, 3.67ERA, 196.1IP, 6CG, 154K

    Maybe Wakui continues his Bret Saberhagen impression and puts up another good season this year, but if he’s not consistent enough, he doesn’t deserve much of a raise, if one at all. The thing about Darvish is that his ERA has been under 2.00 each of the last four years, and hasn’t been above 3.00 since his rookie season. Wakui and Sugiuchi comparing themselves to Darvish is just illogical because they haven’t utterly dominated like he has.

    1. Gen Post author

      I don’t know the exact flow of the negotiations, but based on what I’ve read, it sounds like the Lions basically told Wakui that he should feel lucky that he’ll be making the same amount because what they really wanted to do was give him a pay cut.

      Putting the numbers aside for a moment, Wakui is basically your staff ace. Is this really the way you treat your ace?

      Again, I don’t know what’s actually going on in the negotiations. For all I know, the Lions were actually a lot nicer in telling Wakui they couldn’t give him a raise. But I can only base things on what I’ve read. And it seems to me like the Lions could have selected their words a little more carefully. I mean, take a look at the Sugiuchi fiasco. In the end, it was about the presentation — had the Hawks been more respectful in their approach with him, he probably would have been signed a lot sooner and with less drama.

      As for whether or not he really deserves a raise… I probably wouldn’t give him a raise either. I do think I can see where Wakui is coming from. And if you consider Ishii making 190M yen, Wakui could probably stand to make a little more, especially if we assume that Wakui is worth more than Ishii.

      For reference: the Lions didn’t give Kishi and Ishii raises, although they did give Hoashi a bump (24M yen).

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