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The Orix Buffaloes’ New Look in 2011

by on Jan.08, 2011 @ 8:22 pm, under NPB

The Orix Buffaloes have released details on their new look for the 2011 season.


Exciting Gold - symbolic of winning of the players' pride

Cool White - symbolic of sportsmanship

Water Navy - a link to Osaka's connection to water


The base logo is more or less the same.  The two f's are mirrored to create an image of a strong buffalo.


Home / Road / Special


There are two mascots and they are brother and sister.  Their story (in Japanese) can be found here.  The Buffaloes are also accepting ideas for names for their two newest mascots.

The Buffaloes already have a number of items with the new logo for sale.  They also have some desktop wallpaper you can download.

UPDATE 1/9 @ 10:24am - about 1,000 fans attended the unveiling.

6 comments on “The Orix Buffaloes’ New Look in 2011

  1. Alex

    Great new look! I really like the “new” look. Similar to the Brewers, but work well for an updated Blue Wave look. I’m a bit sad to see the red gone completely, but it wouldn’t fit with the gold.

    The main logo’s professional and they wisely didn’t mess with the “B’s” cap logo, one of the better ones around the league. The uniforms look sharp and I’m thrilled to see other team (Seibu, Nippon Ham being others) in the PL to use road grays, and keeping the team color jersey as the alternate.

    The only thing that would have make this perfect was the inclusion of the old buffalo head logo (think of the one Nomo used to wear) as a shoulder patch. That and they play all their games in Kobe!

    I don’t care at all about the mascots, seeing how its another genetic “blue/boys, pink/girls” deal.

  2. Jim

    I like the new looks for the Buffs. The new unis look sharp, and I agree with Alex’s assessment of an updated BlueWave look.

  3. Isaac

    For some reason I thought Orix was going to come out with a completely new team name.
    Uni’s look good, I think there is some symbolism going on with the f’s, that I’m not getting.
    All of the most recent team uniform changes have been improvements, especially Lotte.
    Hopefully the Fighters are next, and the Tigers and Giants can get back to something more simple.

  4. jeff

    Hi, know where I can get a roster for this year’s team? I live in Miyako, Okinawa and started work today at the grounds in preparation for their Feb. arrival. Hoped I could get familiar with the player’s

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m afraid the final rosters haven’t been set. But you can get a pretty good idea by visiting the following links:

      2010 Draft

      2010 Holdover List

      2011 Salary Report

      Once they become official, they’ll also be available at the official NPB English site. Here’s the direct link to the roster page (currently showing last year’s roster):

    2. Gen Post author

      I forgot to mention that if you can read some basic Japanese (hiragana), you can get the updated rosters at the official Buffaloes’ site.





      The spring camp rosters were also released on Thursday:

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