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Softbank Hawks New and Notes: January 9, 2011

by on Jan.09, 2011 @ 5:02 pm, under NPB

Koji Akiyama took off for Guam today.


Speaking at a Kyushu Kyoritsu University supporters gathering on Saturday, Hidenori Tanoue said that he didn't plan on being friendly with Toru Hosokawa and that he had no intention of losing the starting job to him.

"I don't really feel up to being friendly," so Tanoue.  "I need to beat out Hosokawa in order to get into the games.  If you were to ask me if I think he's a great player, then I'd say not so much.  I've seen him play.  If it's just about throwing, then I'll probably lose, but overall, I think I have him beat."

He added, "I'm frustrated / disappointed that they went out and got [a catcher] even though we took first place.  It's embarrassing. ... I need to improve my fielding and throwing, otherwise it won't be enough.  But I'll also need to hit, otherwise I won't have a chance.  Especially because that's what defines me as a player."


Nagisa Arakaki is hoping to toss a bullpen session the first day of spring camp.  Arakaki will be taking off for training in Hawaii on the 13th and depending on how his shoulder is feeling, might also be able to toss a bullpen then.  In November, Arakaki was throwing in the bullpen at a pace of about once every other day.


Hiroshi Shibahara told reporters that his decision to go to arbitration wasn't so much about the money, as it was about not wanting to set a precedent he felt would undermine player rights.  He also felt it was his duty as a veteran player to stand up and make sure younger players didn't get treated the same way.

Shibahara will be moving his workouts to Tokyo on the 10th.