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Nippon Ham Fighters News and Notes: January 10, 2011

by on Jan.10, 2011 @ 10:27 pm, under NPB

Atsunori Inaba started his workouts at an indoor tennis court in Saga today (due to the snow).  Seems he used a racket and ball for parts of his training.


Makoto Kaneko told reporters on Sunday that he was disappointed that the younger players didn't step up last season when he got injured partway during the season last year.

"You can't get by on just ability and skill," said Kaneko.  "You also need to know baseball. ... It isn't about working on things after being told by someone, but rather going out and finding issues on your own. ... I want them to surpass me."


Hirotoshi Masui started up his training at Kamagaya.  He was recently married (in November) and told reporters the last thing he wanted people to think was that his career went down the drain because of his marriage.  Seems he also managed to gain some weight after getting married (from being in the mid 60 to over 70kg).  Masui has plans of working out with Tomochika Tsuboi beginning on the 12th.