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2010 Draft News and Notes: January 11, 2011

by on Jan.11, 2011 @ 10:44 am, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Yudai Ono (1st round) moved in with eight baseball books, four of which are considered "bibles for left-handed pitchers" (one of the books is on the slow curve).  The other four are a mixture of books on the Dragons and Ichiro. ... Ono suffered inflammation in his left shoulder late last year and couldn't do much throwing during the fall league.  As of now, he's still not sure when he'll be able to toss his next bullpen session.  He played catch at a short distance today during prospects' camp and told reporters he felt no pain.

Yuta Muto (3rd round) moved in with an extra loud alarm clock because he has a hard time waking up in the morning.

First day of prospects' training lasted about 6 hours and included playing catch and running.

Hanshin Tigers

Shinta Hifumi (2nd round) moved into his dorm room today.  He'll join prospects' training camp beginning tomorrow.

Akinobu Mayumi spent his second straight day watching over prospects' training camp on Monday.

The training schedule on Monday included 14 sets of 20 second jogs and 10 second dashes.

Hiroshima Carp

Yuya Fukui (1st round) moved into his dorm room earlier today.  He was assigned Kenta Maeda's old room.

Yakult Swallows

Tetsuto Yamada (1st round) would like to make himself as big as his high school senpai, Takahiro Okada.  He told reporters that he wasn't the type that easily put on weight (he currently stands at 180cm and weighs 73kg) but still wanted to set his goal on hitting 80kg.  On the first day of camp, Yamada showed off his legs (50 meters - 5.8 seconds) and arm (consistently steady throws at 110 meter).

Two players are nursing minor injuries: Kentaro Kyuko (5th round) has a sprained right ankle and Nariaki Kawasaki (6th round) is feeling pain in his right elbow.  Both will be working under separate training menus during prospects' training camp.

Takanori Sato (Ikusei 3rd round) apparently placed an order for an Ichiro model bat from Mizuno -- 33.5 inches weighing around 900 grams.

Yomiuri Giants

Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) didn't work on his upper body that much during college (he apparently already had a strong upper body).  On Monday, he told reporters that now that he turned pro, he would need to start working on his upper body (like his latissimus dorsi muscle) in order to build up a body that could withstand a full season.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Shuhei Fujiya (6th round) will be working on a college project (in place of a graduate thesis) conducting a survey on foreign residents in Japan during his days off.  He's hoping to get the survey out of the way before spring camp.

Nippon Ham Fighters

All the local TV channels in Hokkaido are apparently scrambling to provide as much Yuki Saito (1st round) coverage as possible. ... Komazawa Dai Tomakomai High School alums (the team Saito beat at Koshien) is planning on setting up an oendan for Saito.  And it seems Saito and Masahiro Tanaka (RAK) ate dinner together back in December. ... Saito moved into his dorm earlier today (he arrived before 3pm, about an hour before schedule).  About 300 fans showed up to catch a glimpse of Saito.

Masaru Saito (6th round) moved into his dorm driving a Mercedez Benz.  He apparently picked up the car used (price tag 3M yen) a couple winters back.  Saito told reporters he wanted to put up good numbers in order to buy a better car.

Orix Buffaloes

All five 2010 draft prospects moved into the player dorms on Monday.  Masato Fukae (5th round) moved in with a bottle of sake and a water cooler.  He's hoping to break open the bottle of sake when he makes it up to Ichi-gun.  Buffaloes' prospects' training camp began today.

The first day of prospects' training camp included running and fielding practiceAkinobu Okada was also on hand to watch.

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) will probably file for his certificate of residence during his day off today, in addition to getting some running in.

Softbank Hawks

Ayatsugu Yamashita (1st round) is thinking about using a one-legged batting stance in order to help with his timing.  He plans on asking Sadaharu Oh for some pointers / advice if he has a chance.

Yuki Yanagita (2nd round) wants to continue improving on his bowling skills and feels that may in turn help him with baseball.  Said Yanagita, "In terms of focusing, it's the same for either sport.  I'd like to continue bowling even in Fukuoka.  It's a good way for me to relieve stress and I think it'll also help me with baseball."  Yanagita also told reporters that he'd like to bat .300, hit 30 homers, steal 30 bases, and bowl a 300 game at some point in his career.  He jokingly added that bowling 300 would probably be the easiest of the four goals. ... Another famous bowler: Hiromitsu Ochiai was thinking about trying out to become a pro bowler before turning pro.


Security info on some of the teams: The Yomiuri Giants have a 24-hour security system installed at both their stadium and player dorms.  They also have 3 full-time security guards on the stadium grounds at all times.  The Seibu Lions don't have full-time security guards in place since their player dorms are located right in front of Seibu 2 Stadium.  The Yakult Swallows have installed security cameras in their player dorms and are requiring all visitors to sign in.  The Nippon Ham Fighters installed SECOM (security system) at their player dorms and will increase security around their Kamagaya facilities on the 12th (when their prospects' training camp starts).  And like the Giants, the Fighters also seem to have a rotation of security guards (they likely have 3 on duty while Yuki Saito is around).  The security was also apparently tested in the middle of the night on the 9th when alarms went off because of mice.

The Japan Baseball Student Association posted their list of commendations for 2010 today.  Included in the list are players like Yuki Saito (HAM, 1st round), Shota Ishimine (LOT, 1st round) and Yudai Ono (CHU, 1st round).  Complete list (in Japanese): College - High School