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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: January 11, 2011

by on Jan.11, 2011 @ 2:07 pm, under NPB

Tomoaki Kanemoto appeared on a Yomiuri TV program called Kansai Joho Net ten! on Monday and told the viewing audience that if his shoulder doesn't get better this season and keeps him out for a good chunk of time (or affects his level of play), he might be forced to retire.  And even though his right shoulder isn't feeling exactly great right now, he is keeping a positive attitude because he still doesn't have a good read on where his shoulder will be 2-3 months from now (could be good, could be bad, but for the time being, it isn't like things are 100% bad).

Kanemoto also said that he was interested in managing at least once in his career (doesn't have to be pro ball, could be high school or college) and added that he didn't want to manage a team that was popular, like the Yomiuri Giants or the Hanshin Tigers.  When asked if Hiroshima was a possibility, he seemed open to it.


Minoru Iwata is currently penciled in for a start at Ichi-gun spring camp.

Said pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi, "Iwata is off the disabled list.  And he's in our plans for the current season and we think he'll do fine for us at Ichi-gun.  Okinawa camp?  We still don't know what's going on with the other pitchers, but I think so. ... [Ideally] he'll toss a bullpen on 2/1 and be ready to pitch in one of the intra-squad games we have scheduled in the middle of the month."

Iwata will begin his training with Toshiya Sugiuchi on the 13th.


Yasutomo Kubo feels Hiroyuki Kobayashi can help the team and offered the following scouting report to reporters:

He's a pitcher's pitcher.  We don't have anyone like him on the team.  He's got a good fastball and a change with good movement.  He isn't afraid of pitching inside and he throws the ball at an angle. ... He's also good with the bat.  I've seen him hit 3-4 balls out toward the fence during inter-league play.  He's a good athlete.

The two players of course played for the same team (Lotte) between 2005 and 2008.

Kubo also started his training at the Nakatanecho Chuo Athletics Park in Tanegashima, Kagoshima on Monday.  He's also working out with other players like Shunsuke Watanabe (LOT).  Kubo will be working on polishing his fastball.


Taichi Okazaki worked out at Naruohama on Monday (played catch, BP).


Atsushi Nomi worked out at Koshien on Monday morning and left for Okinawa in the afternoon in order to meet up with Kentaro Sekimoto and Shinji Komiyama to continue his training.


Ken Nishimura was a transmission's officer for the day at a Hyogo police department on Monday (January 10 = 110 = Japan's emergency phone number).