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2010 Draft News and Notes: January 14, 2011

by on Jan.14, 2011 @ 11:42 am, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

According to Sanspo, Daiki Enokida (1st round) wants to become something of a team leader, at least with regards to players that are younger than he is.  Sort of like a Tomoaki Kanemoto figure.

Shinta Hifumi (2nd round) was pleased to finally be able to work out with the rest of the players today.

Fumiya Araki (5th round) wants to keep cleaning the toilets so that he doesn't forget his roots -- the tradition at Meiji University (the school he was drafted out of) involves fourth year players cleaning the toilets.

Hiroshima Carp

Kenjiro Nomura told reporters that he's planning on taking Yuya Fukui (1st round) to Ichi-gun spring camp (assuming he doesn't suffer any major setbacks).

Yakult Swallows

Today marked the start of the second block of prospects' training camp at the Yakult Toda baseball grounds.  Practice lasted about 2 hours and included running and playing catch.

Yomiuri Giants

Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) may have strong legs, but it seems his abdominal muscles need more work.  During a trunk muscle test yesterday, Sawamura finished in 8th place (out of 12).  He also come in second (out of 11) during a stamina test (he managed to run a 40 meter distance, back and forth, 59 times for a total 2,360 meters).

Keisuke Kishi (Ikusei 2nd round) came in first for the stamina test. ... Kishi ended in first during a long distance run today.

Tatsunori Hara dropped by Giants Stadium to watch prospects' training camp today.  It was his first visit to prospects' training camp since 2007. ... Hara would like to see Sawamura make it into the starting rotation.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Atsushi Kobayashi (3rd round) is a little jealous of all the attention Yuki Saito (HAM, 1st round) is getting, but realizes that in the bigger picture, his popularity will only help bring more excitement to the Pacific League.

Shuhei Fujiya (6th round) is having a hard time doing his senior thesis.  He's currently researching foreign people living in the US and visited the Saitama city offices during his last day off, only to fall asleep and miss out on the opportunity.

Orix Buffaloes

The first block of prospects' training camp ended today and included running, playing catch, and fielding practice.  There was also a lecture on nutrition in the afternoon.

Rakuten Eagles

Some people apparently feel Manabu Mima (2nd round) looks like pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa.  Mima said he was flattered with the comparisons.  Regarding his physical condition, Mima told reporters he was feeling great and that he was ready to toss a bullpen session at any time.  Assuming Mima doesn't hit any bumps in the road, he could toss a bullpen session as early as the 16th.

And some people think Koki Kanno (5th round) looks like pro golfer Yuta Ikeda.

Toshihito Abe (3rd round) wants to gain some more weight before the start of spring camp (from 74kg to, if possible, 80kg).

Kengo Kimura (Ikusei 2nd round) took part in regular practice for the first time yesterday.  Kimura was training under a separate menu since he got a physical on the first day or prospects' training camp.

Yesterday's practice lasted 5 about hours and included fielding practice, BP, and running in the morning and weight training in the afternoon.

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) spent some time signing autographs after practice yesterday. ... Oishi's shoulder appears to be in good shape -- he threw the ball with authority during a game of catch at a distance of about 50 meters and then mixed in some off-speed pitches during a game of catch indoors at a distance of about 20 meters.  He could be ready to pitch a bullpen session sometime around the 20th. ... After today's workouts (running, playing catch), Oishi headed to a gym in Higashi Yamato for some extra training in a pool.

Yesterday's 8.5km run was made up of a shuttle run between the foul poles.  Players would run the 100 meter distance between the poles and then shorten the distance by 10 meters after one round trip.  Players did 5 sets of the full 1,100 meters and 5 sets of 600 meters for a total 8.5km.

Today was the end of the second block of prospects' training camp.

Softbank Hawks

According to Sponichi, there were only 4 fans at the prospects' training session on the 13th.