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Various News and Notes from Around the League: January 14, 2011

by on Jan.14, 2011 @ 10:33 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Hirokazu Ibata will be using the same field in Guam that Shinnosuke Abe (YOM) is currently using.  He isn't worried about that though, since he's already made reservations.  (There are a set number of baseball fields in Guam and with teams from the KBO also working out over there, and the high temperatures during the day, space is very limited.  Abe's current reservations are apparently for about an hour beginning at 4pm.)

Kenichi Nakata almost had to delay his trip out to Guam after he returned to Japan from Wei-Ying Chen's wedding reception in Taiwan yesterday and started experiencing stomach pains.  He quickly returned home, visited the hospital, and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis.  Since it wasn't serious, it still managed to fly out to Guam the same day (the initial plan was for him to go straight to Guam without making a stop at his home).

Masahiro Yamamoto did some training at World Wing in the morning today and then worked out both indoors and outdoors in the afternoon (running, playing catch).  Yamamoto has been going to World Wing since 1996.

Hiroshima Carp

Kenta Maeda was presented with a Hiroshima Sports Award on Thursday (he also received a 100,000 yen).

Takahiro Iwamoto accidentally shaved his hair down to 3mm (he bought a new pair of electric hair clippers and forgot to adjust the blade).

Yakult Swallows

Kenichi Matsuoka is thinking about donating one randoseru (child's backpack) for every hold he records.

Norichika Aoki wants to break Randy Bass' NPB single season record .389 batting average.

A Yakult Swallows' old timer's gathering was held today in Tokyo.  About 60 people showed for the event.

Chiba Lotte Marines

The Marines announced today that they hired Samsung Lions' former scout Moon-Han Lee (李門翰 ?) to be their new International Director of Player Development.

Rakuten Eagles

Yosuke Hiraishi worked out for about 6 hours in his hometown Kitsuki, Oita on Thursday.  Hiraishi started using a 1 meter long bat during BP in order to work on putting more of his body (especially the lower body) behind his swing.  He's also working out with players like Teppei, Suguru Ino, and Naoto Watanabe.

The Eagles announced that they will be holding a softball clinic on 2/11More information can be found at the official Eagles' website.

Seibu Lions

Kazuhisa Ishii and Takayuki Kishi worked out for about 2 hours at Jingu today (running, taking grounders, playing catcher, playing mini soccer).