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Sports Hochi: Jingu Stadium looking into new radar guns

by on Jan.15, 2011 @ 12:53 pm, under NPB

According to Sports Hochi, Jingu Stadium president Akira Tokuro said that he was thinking about installing better radar guns in Jingu Stadium after some people began questioning the accuracy of the radar guns last year when Yoshinori Sato hit 161km/h.

There are currently two US-made radar guns installed behind home plate at Jingu Stadium.  The reading on the scoreboard is an average taken from the two guns.  When Yoshinori hit 161km/h on the stadium gun, the TV broadcast of the game displayed 152km/h.

In order to figure out just how inaccurate the current guns are, stadium officials will be using a number of radar guns made by different manufactures during the exhibition game season to compare results.  Depending on the outcome, new radar guns could be installed at the stadium.