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Yu Darvish News and Notes: January 16, 2011

by on Jan.16, 2011 @ 2:21 pm, under NPB

Yu Darvish has managed to keep his weight at 100kg (99kg during the day, 100kg at night).  And in order to avoid injurying himself with the extra added weight, he'd decided to take things a little more slowly.  He also told reporters that his shoulder was feeling great.

Sanspo has also posted some comments taken from Darvish while at the Nippon Ham product presentation gathering:

It seems like most of the players were here today...

I'm glad for the opportunity to see all my teammates today.

It seemed like you were trying a lot of types of food today...

I'm trying not to eat a lot lately, but everything looked so good today that I ate a lot.

How is your training going?

Since the end of December, in addition to the aerobic workouts, I've also started to do some running.  The other day (the 14th) I did 10 laps in the outfield between the foul poles.

And how is your condition?

My pitches are coming along really great, I think you can expect things this year.  And I think I've got good movement on the ball.  I've been working on strengthening the inner muscles around my shoulder, and I've been playing catch at a short distance about 3 times a week, so things are good.

What about spring camp?

I think I'll keep my bullpen session on the first day to pitching with a standing catcher.  I was 10kg lighter last year.  There will be more strain on my joints this year, so I'll take things slow.  I won't try to be the first.

Incidentally, it seems Darvish had about 5 people walking around with him (in order to keep people at a distance) during yesterday's product presentation gathering.