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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: January 17, 2011

by on Jan.17, 2011 @ 10:31 pm, under NPB

The Giants held a staff meeting today in order to work on their spring camp schedules and to figure out which players will be going to which camp.


Hisayoshi Chono is using a 1.5kg training bat during BP in the hopes of improving his power hitting.  That's .3kg heavier than what he was using last year and .5kg heavier than the training bat Hayato Sakamoto uses.


Shugo Fujii returned to Japan on the 14th after spending about a month working out in New York and Hawaii.  On Sunday, he dropped by Giants Stadium for the first time this year and threw about 30 pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen.  Fujii has been working on polishing his shuto and change this winter.


Hidetoshi Tsuburaya worked out at Giants Stadium today and took BP alongside Yoshikyuki Kamei.  Tsuburaya apparently feels a connection to Kamei and asked if he could work out with him this month.  He also told reporters that he considered Ryota Wakiya and Shigeyuki Furuki as his "rivals."


Three light towers arrived at Giants Stadium today.  The remaining three towers will arrive tomorrow.  Construction to install the lights will begin sometime in the beginning of February and will take about a week to install.  The Giants are hoping that the lights will be ready to go by March.


The Giants announced the following uniform number changes today:

Hideki Asai - from 68 to 38

Tetsuya Matsumoto - from 31 to 32

Kyohei Tsuchimoto - from 19 to 46

Takanobu Tsujiuchi - from 39 to 98

Levi Romero - from 41 to 39

Jumpei Ono - from 32 to 60

Itaru Hashimoto - from 94 to 65

Yoshiyuki Kamei's and Daiiro Tanaka's registered positions were also changed from OF to INF.