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Koji Kanemitsu to manage Japan’s All University Team

by on Jan.18, 2011 @ 2:02 pm, under College

The All Japan University Baseball Federation (JUBF) are expected to name Hosei University manager Koji Kanemitsu as manager of Japan's All University Baseball Team during a meeting today.  The term will last 2 years.  Competitions he'll be manging include a Japan - US College Baseball Tournament in July (to take place in the US) and next year's World University Baseball Championships in Taiwan.

UPDATE 5:39pm - This was made official during a JUBF meeting that took place in Yokohama today.  Three coaches for the team were also named.  Meiji University manager Tatsuya Yoshinami was one of them.

Kokusai Budo University, Yoshiki Iwai, was also named the new chairman for the manager's committee.

UPDATE 9:09pm - The other two coaches that were named: Asia University manager Tsutomu Ikuta and Tohoku Fukushi University manager Tetsuo Yamaji.

UPDATE 1/19 10:39pm - Yoshinami will be the head battery coach; Ikuta and Yamaji will be fielding / batting coaches.