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Pacific League News and Notes: January 18, 2011

by on Jan.18, 2011 @ 11:25 am, under NPB

I'll keep this post updated throughout the day.


Chiba Lotte Marines

Yoshihisa Naruse worked out at Urawa Stadium today (running, playing catch).  Today also marked the first day he laced up his cleats and played catch this year.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka isn't committing himself to participating in the Marines' victory parade in Ishigaki that's scheduled to take place on the 30th.  Said Nishioka, "Both the chief player rep Saburo and the Marines contacted me.  I do feel like participating for the fans, but I also don't want to get in the way of the other players."  Nishioka has also been asked to attend TwinsFest, which runs for 3 days beginning on the 28th (Japan time 29th).

Nippon Ham Fighters

Masaru Takeda told reporters yesterday that he would like to toss at least 200 innings this year.

As a part of Ai Project, and in cooperation with the Sappporo Grand Hotel, two dinner courses Atsunori Inaba thought up will be offered at the hotel restaurant between 2/1 - 3/13 (that works out to 41 days, which also happens to be his uniform number).  The two dinners courses were announced yesterday during a dinner show that Inaba participated in.

Orix Buffaloes

Francisco Caraballo arrived in Japan today and told reporters that the fracture he had in his left hamate bone (suffered on 9/25 last season) was fully healed and this his practices have been going well (he started BP back in mid-December).

Hayato Terahara worked out with Takahiro Mahara (SOF) in Saga today.  He did some running and played long distance catch.  Terahara is also some things about hip usage and flexibility from Mahara.

Rakuten Eagles

Hiromichi Fujiwara (work his way back from left elbow surgery) tossed 123 baseballs into a net during his workouts at Kleenex Stadium yesterday.  He was also able to check on his release point during the exercise.

Kohei Hasebe spent about 10 minutes throwing in the bullpen at Kleenex Stadium today (to a half-squatting catcher).  He later told reporters that things were coming along fine and that he wanted to be careful about getting injured.

Seibu Lions

Yusei Kikuchi comments after his 30-pitch bullpen session yesterday: "My arm that was all over the place last, is starting to balance out.  But more than that, I'm grateful I'm grateful that I can throw without shoulder pain."  Kikuchi has been tossing bullpen session since the end of last year when he returned home to Morioka, Iwate and is currently throwing at about 50-60% capacity.  Even so, a club rep reminded him not to overdo it.  Kikuchi is also back to his three-quarters delivery. ... Kikuchi told reporters that he started throwing around 12/28 and that his bullpen session yesterday was his 10th.  He also said that he tossed about 10 pitches to a standing catcher 3 days before. ... Kikuchi switched from training wear making Yonex to Onyone.  They are the same company that made the team jerseys and polo shirts for his high school at Koshien in 2009.

Hisanobu Watanabe dropped by Seibu 2 Stadium today today to check on the rookies.  He also watched Kikuchi do a little throwing in the bullpen.

Softbank Hawks

Yuya Hasegawa has been working on his batting form -- he's trying to put more hip into his swing (while worrying less about the arms and wrists).

On Tadaatsu Nakazawa's last day of training with the Jojima group (1/14), he and six other players ran a 65km course eki-den (long-distance relay) style.  Nakazawa was the last runner and ran over 10km.

Satoru Morimoto worked out for about 2 hours in Saitozaki, Fukuoka on Monday (weight training, fielding).  Morimoto also told reporters he's willing to play anywhere, if it means they'll use him.

Takahiro Mahara and Tadashi Settsu worked out in a baseball field in Saga today.  Mahara told reporters that he was feeling great and that he felt as if here were ready to start the season.  He also checked his mechanics using a hi-speed video camera that was set up behind the mound.  Settsu ran some dashes and aired out his arm before taking the mound.