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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: January 19, 2011

by on Jan.19, 2011 @ 11:43 pm, under NPB

Tomoyuki Kubota work out on Tuesday lasted over 6 hours.  He also told reporters yesterday he had his eye on being Kyuji Fujikawa's setup man, but that it ultimately wasn't his decision to make.


The Tigers held a scout meeting on Tuesday (for the 2011 draft) that lasted about 2 hours.  Akinobu Mayumi apparently told the front office that he'd like a positional player with pop.


The Hanshin Tigers still have not signed contracts with Yasutomo Kubo and Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi.  And while the club would like to sign both before the start of spring camp, they have no idea when it'll actually happen.


Ryota Arai worked out at Naruohama on Tuesday (first time since being traded to the Tigers), but not before he got a tour of the facilities from Hiroki Uemoto and had a chance to introduce himself to the coaches and players.


Sanspo is carrying some comments from Kenji Jojima, taken from his press conference:

What are the details of the second year of your four year deal?

I signed because I'll be getting paid regardless of whether or not I actually do anything <laughter>

You'll be staring spring camp in Aki, Kochi...

I do believe your reports, but you're sure this isn't a lie, right?  I haven't heard either way yet, but I am looking into the weather in Aki.  If they were to tell me Okinawa now, I'd have some trouble re-organizing my wardrobe and that would be a pain too.

What do you want to accomplish during camp?

I think practice ends in the morning, so the question is what to do in the afternoon...

What are you expecting of your season?

Personally, I want to play in every inning of every game.  I want to put on the Tigers' uniform and catch every pitch our pitchers throw.  If I'm going to be a starting catcher, I can't skip one day.  Missing one day might be missing one day for me, but for a fan, it could be missing me the one day out of the year they have to watch a game.  I can't guarantee hits, but I think what's important is that Jojima is always there.

You'll be able to hand out advice to youngsters during Aki camp...

That's what the coaches are for.  Players shouldn't get involved in that.  I'll probably lock myself up in the training rooms.  Of course, if they come up to me and ask me questions, I won't turn them down.

In order to make the opening day rosters, Akinobu Mayumi mentioned 3/16 as being the deadline.

For me, if it's about opening day, I want to be ready as soon as possible.  If I want to know what the manager is planning, I'll ask the manager.

The Tigers traded for Fujii.  You've got another rival.

There are a lot of catchers my age.  It's a competitive world.  I do consider him a rival and I'm sure he thinks of me the same way.  My impression of him is that he's a pitcher's catcher.  I don't think he's any faster than me.  I do think I have a lead on getting my picture taken.  I think that's where I'd like to focus things.

And Daily Sports is carrying an article that mentions the Tigers not giving Jojima any special treatment.  And that includes his accommodations: he'll be staying at a business hotel where the rates are 7,000 yen a night.  If he had gone to Ichi-gun camp, he probably would have gotten a nice room with a nightly rate of 18,000 yen.

Aki city major Kenji Matsumoto also offered to provide Jojima with whatever support he might need.