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Hanshin Tigers to meet with Hiroyuki Kobayashi tomorrow

by on Jan.19, 2011 @ 9:00 pm, under NPB

Team president Nobuo Minami told reporters today that the club will be meeting with Hiroyuki Kobayashi at a hotel in Osaka some time tomorrow.  Minami and Akinobu Mayumi are expected to attend the meeting.  A multi-year deal is supposedly already on the table.

Minami: "We'll meet with him directly and have our final say.  Being able to sit down [with Kobayashi] is good news for the Tigers."

Mayumi: "I'd like for him to wear a Tigers uniform."

2 comments on “Hanshin Tigers to meet with Hiroyuki Kobayashi tomorrow

  1. Eric Lord

    This would be AWESOME. A victory rotation of Kubota -> Kobayashi -> Kyuji would be insane. I just hope that they don’t take a page from the old JFK days and start calling them “KKK”…

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