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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: January 19, 2011

by on Jan.19, 2011 @ 11:54 pm, under NPB

Yoshiyuki Kamei worked out at Giants Stadium today, along with Hidetoshi Tsuburaya.  His workouts included playing catch, infield practice, and BP.  And he told reporters that he was ready for spring camp.


Hayato Sakamoto has apparently been pushing his training in Guam pretty hard.  He's been holding 5+ hour practice sessions on consecutive days.  He's also doing a lot of running, like uphill dashes and jogging between the foul poles.  And during fielding practice, he's placing more emphasis on his back leg by firmly planting it (for about a second) before making his throw.


Takahiko Nomaguchi threw 60 pitches to a squatting catcher during his practice session in Hitachiota, Ibaraki on Tuesday.  He also showed off his new pitch: a rising shuto.  He's also continuing to work on his new sidearm delivery.


Takahiro Suzuki saw about 600 pitches during BP at Giants Stadium on Tuesday.  He made it a point to foul off pitches out of the zone and was extra careful about keeping his body closed.


Norihito Kaneto tossed 60 pitches in a bullpen session on Tuesday.  He's also using a slightly longer stride (by about 15cm).  Seems he got the idea after watching Hisanori Takahashi pitching.


Kyohei Tsuchimoto wants to appear in as many games as his uniform number this season (46).


The Giants may end up holding a training camp that includes all 90 of their players before the start of spring camp.  The Ichi-gun roster will begin basic training in Miyazaki on 1/27 (something the Giants' players' union started doing last year).  And the plan right now would be mixing in the Ni-gun players on the 31st, when all the coaches are scheduled to drop (Ni-gun players didn't get into Miyazaki until the 31st last year, but will be in Miyazaki on the 30th this year).

Said team captain Shinnosuke Abe, "I think we'll all practice together on the 31st.  I think the foreigners will come too.  I think it could be a first that so many players are working out together."

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  1. bbdad

    Suzuki…come on…600 pitches in one BP day? Thats about 120 at bats or 1/4 of a season…must be an error there or several BP pitchers in rehab.

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