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Eri Yoshida to participate in Arizona Winter League again this year

by on Jan.23, 2011 @ 10:30 pm, under Other

Via Sponichi: Eri Yoshida will be participating in the Arizona Winter League again this year.  A snip from an official press release:

The darling of the 2010 Arizona Winter League is heading back to Yuma for more baseball. Eri Yoshida, the 18-year old “knuckleball princess” from Japan became a late edition to the packed AWL roster today. Yoshida was the fan favourite last February in Yuma. She was drafted by Chico of the Golden Baseball League and won a championship ring with the Outlaws. Eri became the first female to pitch professionally in two countries when she suited up for Chico last May.


3 comments on “Eri Yoshida to participate in Arizona Winter League again this year

  1. bbdad

    With no disrespect, I can’t understand why Eri wants to play in the AWL again. I know she wants to eventually play in the US Minor leagues, and wants to get exposure, but many of us that have seen her pitch feel she doesn’t have the tools to compete at such a level…yet. Once again she will be used to attract fans and $$ without regard to her abilities or learning curve. She is a nice young girl and I think she can build her confidence at a higher level in the IL, Kansai, BC or Industrial leagues. After a few years she may be able to compete in the US at a higher level. So, good luck Eri but don’t set your expectations too high before you are ready. A fan!

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m not really sure why she feels the need to rush things either. I guess she thinks if the opportunity is available, she should take it. For example, what happens if she gets injured while playing in Japan? Or if she gets shelled, can’t put up good numbers over here, and misses her opportunity? Or what happens if she simply never gets another chance to pitch in the US (she misses her window of opportunity)?

      In an ideal world, it would make more sense for her to get more seasoning over here and then make the leap the US.

  2. muratafan

    I think the biggest thing is that Eri-san wants to be in America….birthplace of the knuckleball. NPB has really never had a legit knuckleballer who was not a suketto. And, to be honest, she probably gets paid better in the States than in Japan. I know this sounds cynical, but maybe she knows that her 15 minutes of fame might be over in a bit? Might as well make the most of it while you can. Either way, gambarre, Eri-san.

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