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Central League News and Notes: January 24, 2011

by on Jan.24, 2011 @ 3:58 pm, under NPB

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Chunichi Dragons

Felix Carrasco arrived in Japan on SundayHe told reporters that he played at first, third, and OF last year (basically anywhere they told him to play) and was highly confident of his power.

Hanshin Tigers

A little more on Tomoaki Kanemoto's throwing session yesterday: the session lasted about 7 minutes and ended with Kanemoto throwing the last 4 balls hard.  Kanemoto was originally supposed to play catch indoors, but that was moved outdoors because his shoulder was feeling good and because it was warm outside.  In terms of his throwing program, it seems he's about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Kasukabe, Saitama would like to make Hiroyuki Kobayashi an honorary spokesman (ambassador) for their city (Kobayashi went to high school in Kasukabe).

The Tigers plan on trying out 8 different pitchers (including Kazuya Tsutsui, Tatsuya Kojima, Ikketsu Sho, and rookie Daiki Enokida) during two practice games they have scheduled during spring camp on 2/13 (vs Yakult) and 2/16 (vs Nippon Ham).

The Tigers are thinking about wearing the black retro uniforms (road unis used between 1948 and 1949) they wore between last season, again this year.  The reason: the team never got a chance to wear the uniforms at Koshien -- they wore the uniform for three games at Kyocera Dome, 1 game in Nagano, and 2 games in Yokohama.  It also doesn't hurt that the team averaged 10 runs a game when they wore the uniforms.

Hiroshima Carp

18 Hiroshima Carp checked into Okinawa today in preparation for a 7-day mini-camp that begins tomorrow.  A total 27 players will be attending the mini-camp.

Ren Nakata has his eyes on the RoY award.  He also told reporters he was the type of pitcher that excelled when he was able to focus on just one inning and that he ultimately wanted to become a closer.

Five Carp foreign pitchers (Mike Schultz, Giancarlo Alvarado, Dioni Soriano, Bryan Bullington, and Dennis Sarfate) will likely have 3 spots to share on the active roster.

Yakult Swallows

Tsubasanpo 2011 began on Sunday at Tokyo Tower.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Shuichi Murata worked out at the Yokosuka training facilities for the first time this year.

Shinji Niinuma is hopeful that regularly scheduled general meetings will help the team improve this season.  The first meeting is scheduled on the 28th and will include members of the front office, the coaching staff, team captain Shuichi Murata, home-grown player veteran Daisuke Murata, and Bay Stars' chief player rep Niinuma.

Brent Leach apparently considers himself a good bunter.  Seems he's also pretty confident about getting left-handed batters out.  The press went ahead and selected Kanji characters for his name: 立直.  In mahjong terms, that means one tile away from victory.  And the general term itself means one step away from victory.  Talk about pressure.

Yomiuri Giants

Michihiro Ogasawara worked out at Konoha Dome in Miyazaki Sports Park for about 6.5 hours today (strength training exercises, fielding practice, BP).

Alex Ramirez arrived in Japan today.  Ramirez told reporters that he spent the off-season lifting weights and studying footage of pitchers and catchers he hasn't done well against.

Hayato Sakamoto worked out for about 4.5 hours at Giants Stadium yesterday, beginning at 9am.  Sakamoto returned from his training in Guam on the 22nd.

Tetsuya Utsumi's workouts yesterday lasted about 3 hours.  He plans on working out everyday until the start of general training camp in Miyazaki on the 27th.

Toshimasa Konta worked out at the Giants' facilities yesterday for the first time since being traded to the team in November last year.  His 3-hour workouts included running and BP.

The Giants are planning on showing recently found footage of Masaichi Kaneda (between 1950 and 1964) to the younger pitchers during spring camp.