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Far East Bloomers takes 2011 Phoenix Cup

by on Jan.25, 2011 @ 11:28 am, under Other

The Far East Bloomers (Japan) took the 2011 Pheonix Cup by beating the Allies (Hong Kong), 12-1, yesterday.

Schedule and Results

Game Date Time Venue Visitor Home
Stage 1
G1 1/21
9:30 Sai Tso Wan Field NineVics 7-13 Allies
G2 12:15 International Eart Stars 8-4 NineVics
G3 15:00 Allies 11-5 International Eart Stars
G4 17:45 iTeam 1-12 Far East Bloomers
G5 12:15 Lion Rock Park Field Taipei Vanguard 16-3 iTeam
G6 15:00 DDDBall 3-13 Taipei Vanguard
G7 1/22
12:15 Sai Tso Wan Field Taipei Vanguard 0-10 Far East Bloomers
G8 15:00 iTeam 10-18 DDDBall
G9 17:45 Far East Bloomers 25-1 DDDBall
Stage 2
G10 1/23
9:30 Sai Tso Wan Field Taipei Vanguard 8-11 International Eart Stars
G11 12:15 Allies 6-4 Taipei Vanguard
G12 15:00 Far East Bloomers 9-0 International Eart Stars
G13 17:45 Allies 0-10 Far East Bloomers
G14 9:30 Lion Rock Park Field NineVics 14-8 DDDBall
G15 13:00 iTeam 4-14 NineVics
Stage 3
G16 1/24
9:30 Lion Rock Park Field iTeam 4-19 DDDBall
G17 12:15 NineVics 4-8 Taipei Vanguard
G18 9:30 Sai Tso Wan Field Allies 12-4 International Eart Stars
G19 13:00 Far East Bloomers 12-1 Allies

Final Standings

Rank Team
Champions Far East Bloomers (Japan)
1st Runner-up Allies (Hong Kong)
2nd Runner-up International Earth Stars
4th Place Taipei Vanguard (Taiwan)
5th Place NineVic (Korea)
6th Place DDDBall (Korea)
7th Place iTeam (Hong Kong)

Personal Awards

Award Team Name
Best Coach Far East Bloomers Manabu Suzuki
Best Pitcher Far East Bloomers Kazuho Nimi
MVP iTeam Boyoung Nam
NineVics Yea Lim Son
Taipei Vanguard Ling-Hui Kuan
International Earth Stars Tessa Heeres
Allies Yik Shan Hung
Far East Bloomers Namie Nakagome
Most HR -- --
Most Hits NineVics Yea Lim Son