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New team to join KANDOK, could be managed by Mac Suzuki

by on Jan.25, 2011 @ 11:47 pm, under Independent

The media learned today that a newly formed team could be joining the Kansai Independent League (KANDOK) this year.  Some sort of an announcement is expected to be made after a KANDOK meeting on the 27th.

According to an unnamed league source, a team backed by a company named Forest Home and filled primarily with baseball players from the US is ready to join the league and has already inquired into the availability of Mac Suzuki to manage the team.

It also appears likely that the Akashi Red Soldiers will be dropping out of the league after their representative director, Setsuji Omura, passed away earlier this month on the 11th (gallbladder cancer).

3 comments on “New team to join KANDOK, could be managed by Mac Suzuki

  1. bbdad

    Very interesting…with all the problems in the US with independent owners it is a good idea. Many US players will be up for this and will have a very good team if it happens. More exposure for US players to the ni-gun and ikusei contracts and a better environment. Also, with Mac involved it will add credibility to the team. My son played with Mac last year in Canada and would play for him for sure if he wasn’t already under contract. Sounds good…good luck to Mac!

  2. bbdad

    Gen, if you have any more info please post. I would like to know the particulars. If not I will just contact Mac to see what stage they are in…thanks

    1. Gen Post author

      I think this is all that’s been released to the press so far. I’m sure more will become available after the meeting on the 27th.

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