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Central League News and Notes: January 28, 2011

by on Jan.28, 2011 @ 11:53 pm, under NPB

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Chunichi Dragons

Masahiko Morino visited the town halls in both Chatan and Tomitan today.

Joel Guzman and Tony Blanco arrived in Japan on Thursday.  Guzman told reporters that he was looking forward to playing with Blanco in Japan.  He also said that he considered himself a power hitter.  When reporters asked Blanco which of the two had more power, Blanco replied, "He's got a lot of power.  More than me."

Masahiro Araki killed off the helicobacter pylori in his system during the off-season (at the advice of a doctor using prescription medication).  And it seems because of that, he managed to gain 4kg.  On Thursday, Araki took about 100 grounders during fielding practice.  He plans on heading out to Okinawa on the 29th.

Hanshin Tigers

Craig Brazell arrived in Japan today and told reporters that he felt as if he were returning to a second birthplace.

Jason Standridge also arrived in Japan today and said that he was aiming for 15 wins, 200 innings, and an ERA under 3.00.  He also said that he already tossed about 7-8 bullpen sessions with the catcher sitting.

The Tigers announced two uniform number changes today: Keiji Uezono from 41 to 47; and Hirokazu Shiranita from 47 to 64.  Kai-Wen Cheng's registered name also changes from ジェン to 鄭凱文.

Ryota Arai took 32 swings of the bat and hit 1 over the fence (on his 22nd swing, out to left center) during BP at Ginoza, Okinawa yesterday.

Marcos Vechionacci told reporters during his press conference yesterday that he wanted to be called by his nickname, Nacci.

The media learned on Thursday that a new net was installed out in left at Kochi Municipal Stadium.  They also added new netting along the first and third base sides.  Construction costs: over 10M yen.

The Tigers announced on Thursday that Shinya Sakai was becoming the chairman of Hanshin Denki Tetsudo, effective 4/1.  Managing director Takaoki Fujiwara was also named as his successor.  This move does not change Sakai's position as owner of the team.

Keyta, the Tigers new mascot, will be making his debut on 2/1 at Ginoza.  Seems he'll also be handing out postcards with his picture on it.

Hiroshima Carp

The Carp learned yesterday that Nichinan City was going to begin taking precautions against the bird flu.  8 sterilization mats will be placed at various locations at the stadium they'll be using during spring camp.

Yakult Swallows

Chang-Yong Lim has his sights on a save title this year.  He's also just 4 saves away from 100 (NPB total).

Yokohama Bay Stars

Shun Yamaguchi worked out at the Yokosuka training facilities today.  He also tossed a bullpen session -- 25 pitches to a squatting catcher at about 60-70%.

Yomiuri Giants

Yuya Kubo tossed 50 pitches (while mixing in off-speed pitches) to a squatting catcher today.  He told reporters that he felt good while playing catch and decided to hold a bullpen session.

Yoshiyuki Kamei took both indoor and outdoor fielding practice today.  He later told reporters he wanted to get in as much fielding practice as possible.

Hayato Sakamoto worked out for about 4 hours on Thursday.  He also had a photo shoot with SAVAS.  Sakamoto is an avid user of their vitamin supplements and is under contract with them.

The Giants announced on Thursday that Taishi Ota caught the flu.  During the team's first day of practice in Miyazaki on Thursday, Ota fell sick (fever) and was taken to a hospital for an examination and was diagnosed with the flu.  According to club officials, Ota will ride it out flu in the team hotel.

The Giants held a joint press conference for both Jonathan Albaladejo and Carlos Torres today.  Albaladejo said he managed to lose 10kg during the winter (he's now at 122kg).

The Giants announced today that a number of their foreign players will teach an English conversation course at Sum Marine Stadium on 2/5.  The course will be free of charge and will be open to 50 people (middle school and up) attending English conversation classes in Miyazaki City.