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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 1, 2011

by on Feb.01, 2011 @ 2:07 pm, under NPB

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=== 1:13am

Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) stayed back after general practice for some extra work (fielding and running exercises).

=== 4:03pm

Yudai Ono (1st round) arrived in Yomitan, Okinawa today.  Ono received permission to arrive late in order to take the final exams at his university.  After arriving in Okinawa, Ono promptly put on his uniform and did some running.  He told reporters he felt he did well on his exams.

=== 2:07pm

Hitoki Iwase tossed 30 pitches in the bullpen today.

Said Iwase, "I'm working on regaining my good fastball this year.  In terms of feeling it, I think I did alright today."  Regarding the new baseball: "I started throwing it this year.  The only thing I can do is work on getting used to it."


Joel Guzman's diamond earings (one in each ear at US$2,000 a pop) are making some headlines.


Hiromitsu Ochiai kicked off spring camp today with the following comment:

I'm looking forward to this camp.  Things change little by little over the years and this year, everything is still up in the air.  I think competition will be as fierce as ever.

During yesterday's team meeting, Ochiai told everyone that despite the team's rich history and tradition, they still had a chance to make history by becoming the first Dragons' team to win back-to-back championships.


Tony Blanco worked out on his day off on Monday.  During BP, he used a training bat that was 37 inches long and weighed 1.2kg.

Said Blanco, "I want to keep my weight back and this will also help me improve my bat speed."