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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 1, 2011

by on Feb.01, 2011 @ 12:08 pm, under NPB

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=== 9:03pm

Kanemoto worked out under a separate menu from the rest of the team today -- he didn't play any catch and apparently spent quite a bit of time in the weight room.  After some weight training, he took some soft toss BP (120 baseballs, 15 of which he took batting right-handed) and spent some time throwing into a net (3 meters at first and then maxed out to about 5 meters).

Batting coach Yutaka Wada prepared small balls (about the size of a golf ball, in a number of different colors, and made out of urethane) for BP to help the batters learn how to hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat.

=== 4:07pm

Mayumi checked out the pitchers in the bullpen today.  Regarding Kobayashi, who threw 25 pitches to a squatting catcher, Mayumi said, "I have no complaints since he was able to throw that well on his first day of camp."  As for Enokida, who threw 42 pitches with a squatting catcher (including his off-speed pitches and with scouts from other teams watching), Mayumi said, "He has good movement on his pitches and he keeps the ball down."

=== 12:08pm

Tomoaki Kanemoto has new batting gloves with the words "Strong Spirit" stitched in it.  Each year Kanemoto learns about his lucky color and has his equipment based on that color.  This year, his lucky color is pink gold.  And Kanemoto got the idea to use "Strong Spirit" as his catchphrase this year after watching a Hozumi Hasegawa fight last year on 11/26.

Akinobu Mayumi told reporters he didn't want to rush Kanemoto, but also hoped that he might be ready to play the outfield in some of the later exhibition games.


A little more on Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Kyuji Fujikawa's workouts yesterday: the two started working out together around 11am.  They ran one lap around Ginoza Stadium then headed to the secondary field and ran around the track three times; they threw the ball 36 times during a game of catch at a max distance of 40 meters; they also did some pitching practice (Kobayashi threw 101 pitches including his fork, curve, change, and slider); the two started working on their lower bodies in the afternoon (five 50-meter uphill dashes, five 100-meter dashes, individually -- Fujikawa did nine 50-meter dashes and fourteen 30-meter dashes and Kobayashi did seven 50-meter dashes and eleven 30-meter dashes); they closed out their training with about 40 minutes of weight training; in all, they worked out for about 3.5 hours, almost non-stop.


Kenji Jojima told reporters after yesterday's team meeting that he plans on taking BP during spring camp in Aki.

Said Jojima, "I obviously want to start hitting [during Aki camp].  I want to get started on working on brushing up my skills as soon as possible.  But, it's all about balance.  Even if I can hit and throw at an early stage, it won't matter if my lower body isn't ready."


Yuya Ando told reporters yesterday that the first thing on his to-do list was to get his right shoulder back to 100%.


Matt Murton hooked up a video game system to a projector in his hotel room and told reporters that he was thinking of using video games to help him get closer to his teammates.  Games on hand including soccer, baseball, and shooting games.


Shinta Hifumi (2nd round) plans on doing a lot of running (about 5km a day) during spring camp in order to strengthen his lower body and stabilize his delivery.


Daily Sports has coverage of Daiki Enokida's (1st round) first day:

9:10am - Bus leaves the team hotel.

9:28am - Bus arrives at the stadium.

9:47am - Enokida takes part in a ceremony at Ginoza.  Mayumi greets the crowd by saying, "We'll work hard for a championship."

10:02am - Warm-ups begin.

11:07am - Soft-toss BP begins.  Enokida is doing a good job hitting the ball.

11:23am - BP in the cages.  He misses the ball at times.  He also works on the fake bunt.

12:00pm - Enokida plays catch with Kai-Wen Cheng at a distance of about 40 meters.  Ends at 12:20pm.

12:25pm - Exercises using a rubber tube, like the wrist and upper arm.  Also exercises to help strengthen the hip joints.

1:00pm - Enters the bullpen and tosses 42 pitches to a squatting catcher.  He also mixes in his off-speed pitches like the fork, slider, curve, and cutter.

1:20pm - Fielding practice at the secondary ground, 100 meter dashes, and running around the field.

2:10pm - Lunch time.

2:45pm - Enokida heads to Ginoza Stadium.  Trunk excercises, shadow pitching, stretching.  Ends at 4:20pm.

4:30pm - Weight training begins.

4:50m - Enokida answers interview questions.  Said Enokida, "Today was neither good nor bad.  Probably around 50-60%."

5:00pm - Practice ends.  Enokida returns to the the hotel.